Enjoy the benefits and rewards that come with being an expert
Become an active fan on campus or school and get access to the numerous benefits and rewards that come with the Autodesk Education Expert status

The Autodesk Education Expert Network connects design and engineering students who are passionate about Autodesk technology in an international highly linked community to help them support the Autodesk Education mission on campus and get access to numerous benefits and rewards in return:



    • Learn new skills and gain practical experience before you graduate
    • Connect with like-minded peers from all over the world
    • Get access to the latest Autodesk software, services and resources
    • Be a part of an exclusive and highly linked community


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    • Learn new skills to help advance your professional development
    • Give students a competitive advantage when they start their career
    • Instruct students with access to the latest Autodesk software, services, and resources


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What Education Experts say



“While I may already be an above average student I know that I would not have received the same treatment without Autodesk’s name behind me. And without Autodesk’s sincere desire to help the Student Experts grow and learn, I would not have been able to surpass Mortenson‟s expectations during the interviews.“

- Marc Kinsman, Autodesk Student Expert Alumni, U.S.A.


“The Autodesk Education Expert program and the events really improved the quality of my studies in the Media&Entertainment genre. I would recommend to join the network for every student working with Autodesk software“

- Daniel Emmerich, Autodesk Student Expert, Germany

Annual Student Expert Camp - Europe: WoodStex

Annual Student Expert Camp - U.S.

Annual Student Expert Camp - Asia Pacific